Fall  2023

Aug. 2, 9  Home School Co-op performances

Aug.  11  SABCM  Orientation

Aug.  13  SABC  Back to School church service

Aug.  24  Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

Sept. 8  SABCM  Grandparents' Day

Oct. 6  Chili Cook Off/Dixieland music by Adv. players

Oct. 13-14  SE Home School Honor Band Clinic

Oct. 25  All trying out for All-State must have passed off

All-State material 7 x's

Nov. 3-4 AAA/SABCM  Band Retreat for all members

Nov. 10  Veteran's Program At SABCM

Nov. 27  Band Rehearsal  3:30-5:30  All band members

Nov. 28  Christmas supper/concert

Nov.  29  SABCM  Chapel Christmas concert

Dec. 8  Breezy Hill Baptist

Dec.9 0r 10  Christmas Parade

Dec.  15  Pizza, caroling party.