Uniform Information
Male students: Uniform vest, Bow tie, White tux shirt, Black pants, Black shoes, Black socks and Black belt

Female students: Uniform vest, Rosette, White tux shirt, Waist high black pants, Close toe black shoes

It is important that all girls obtain the waist high pants.  Low cut pants are unacceptable because the white shirt should not show between the vest and the pants.  The goal is for the band to be one unit with matching uniforms.  Any deviation detracts from the band and it isn't fair to the members who have purchased the required uniform.  Thank you for your compliance, so the band can look its best! (You can refer to the first picture below.)

AAA Band Uniform Info / SAB Band Uniform Info (added below)
~Uniform items can be found at www.choir-martaccessories.com and www.waitstuff.com

Men's Fullback Vest-Fiesta
http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/mens-fullback-2410-fiesta/  $28.99
http://www.waitstuff.com/royal-fiesta-vest.html  $29.10

Ladies Fullback-Fiesta
http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/ladies-fullback-3410-fiesta/  $28.992"

Banded Bow Tie-Fiesta

http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/banded-or-clip-on-bow-ties-prints/  $5.99
http://www.waitstuff.com/bow-tie-2-inch.html  $3.40 + $3.00=$6.40

Ladies Rosettes
not found at choir-martaccessoties.com
http://www.waitstuff.com/rosette-tie.html  $6.98 + $2.00=$8.95

Men's Pintuck Tux Shirt
http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/pintuck-tux-shirt-501-mens $12.99
http://www.waitstuff.com/wing-tip-tuxedo-shirt-mens.html  $16.49

Boy's Pintuck Tux Shirt
http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/pintuck-tux-shirt-501-boys $12.99
not found at waitstuff.com

Ladies Pintuck Tux Shirt
http://www.choir-martaccessories.com/shop/product/pintuck-tux-shirt-501l-ladies/  $12.99
http://www.waitstuff.com/ladies-uniform-tuxedo-shirt.html  $16.49

*Royal Blue AAA Band Polo Shirts can be purchased from Barb Rollins.

SAB Band Uniform Info
Same company but men order Men's fullback basic vest #2400: ladies fullback basic vest #3400 in black, with red bow ties. Please direct any questions for SAB Band to Barb Rollins.

Ask Barb about possible donated uniform items.  If available, there is a small donation fee to the AAA Band.